Chassily Wakefield
Chassily Wakefield was born in Southern California. Her parents were convinced she would make her living in theater, as she often required them to address her as Princess Aurora or Cinderella. She spent her days acting out favorite scenes from beloved fairytales.

At the age of eight, Chassily wrote a 200-page treatise on her dream-life, with detailed descriptions down to the hand-carved roses on her imagined third daughter’s white wood bedroom furniture. It was not the first story she’d written, but it was certainly the longest, and it marked a turning point. She became A Writer.

Chassily continued to write and to read voraciously. Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden were early favorites, but it was a book given to her by mistake that would mark the next turning point in her writing career. Twelve years old and bored while vacationing at her grandparents’ cabin, she begged her grandmother for something to read. Her grandma quickly scanned the small bookcase and her eyes lit on a weighty tome. One long enough to keep Chassily occupied, she thought, for most of the visit. “Read this, Chass, it’s a history of California,” Grandma said, and handed Chassily The Proud Breed by Celeste de Blasis. Chassily’s family couldn’t figure out what she was giggling about the rest of the vacation, as she kept her nose firmly stuck in the book, her eyes as big as saucers!

She quickly went through the rest of Celeste’s novels and devoured every book she could find by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and many others. Those early favorites are still reread today, with much affection. But it wouldn’t be until college that Chassily would first attempt to write a novel of her own.

A life-long insomniac and confirmed night owl, plagued by nightmares, Chassily told herself romantic stories at bedtime, hoping to ward off bad dreams. She would hop out of bed at 2 AM and write those romantic tales until time for class. Those early manuscripts are long-buried, but the idea of writing a romance took hold.

Chassily majored in Creative Writing, yet she graduated unsure of herself and her goals. She put her writing away while she focused on raising a young family and getting a “real” job. She quickly learned she made a poor employee but a good business owner and pursued several, including directing a children’s cheerleading group that she loved.

When her husband’s job took the family to the Pacific Northwest, Chassily found herself in an unusual position: she had no business to run, and her three children were all in school. She had time on her hands for the first time in 15 years. She’d arrived at turning point number three and has been busy pursuing her writing ever since.

She is currently working on the first novel in a romantic fantasy series spanning 1000 years. She is an active member of several writing organizations, including the Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) and Romance Writers of America (RWA). Chassily deeply loves her local chapters, where she has found the greatest groups of fellow writers anywhere.

When not writing, Chassily enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and three brand new kittens: Captain Jack, Mr. Gibbs and Commodore Norrington. Both the kids and the kitties keep everyone in the house busy.

During faire season, Chassily’s family can often be found at Medieval and Renaissance Faires or Pirate Festivals in Washington and Oregon. They attend in full costume, wander the stalls and shows and pose for lots of pictures. Recently, Faerie Faires have been added to the mix, but her husband and son flatly refused to attend as faeries themselves, so the girls all don their wings and crowns (which she collects, having never outgrown her princess fixation), and the boys dress as faerie catchers, complete with butterfly nets at the ready.

A self-proclaimed Harry Potter Fanatic, Chassily is the Headmistress of a virtual Hogwarts-style castle full of other HP Fanatics. She plays the flute, is an avid scrapbooker and continues to read as much as she can squeeze in. She’s addicted to online writing classes. She continually strives to improve her craft skills and is dedicated to delivering memorable and entertaining novels to her readers.

Chassily loves hearing from visitors (and someday, she hopes, those wonderful readers!) Enjoy exploring her home on the web and drop her a line any time on the Contact page.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy reading!