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Thank you for visiting the Revelry Page! Here you will find Announcements and Acknowledgements, as well as the above links for my Calendar, FAQs and Library. For now, the Calendar will consist of events I’m attending, from writing classes, workshops and conferences to Renaissance Faires. Someday I hope the Announcements will list book releases and the Calendar will include book signings and speaking engagements!

Whatever else you do today, make time for a little love and a little revelry.

All the best,


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It is a matter of fact that the great majority of writers out there will never see their names on the spines of the books they’ve slaved over. “Write for love, not for fame” is a common refrain and good advice. Make no mistake, I’m striving with all my heart and soul toward publication, odds or no odds. But the biggest tragedy, for me, in that possibility of never being published is the loss of the opportunity to thank the many people who have made such an enormous difference in my life in a very public way. I hope you will indulge me in creating my own “Acknowledgements Page” in order to do that now, because they so richly deserve it, whether or not my dream of publication ever comes true.

First, as always, I have to thank my family. Without their love, support and their understanding when nothing gets done around the house because I’m writing, I would not be able to spend my days doing what I love. To my husband and my three children, thanks, guys. I love you to the moon and back.

To my parents, for supporting me my entire life and for always believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I hope to prove your faith in me has been justified. To my grandparents, who I miss every single day, and particularly to my grandmother for giving me that first fateful romance, I know you’re watching. I hope it’s with a smile. For the rest of my family, too numerable to name, same goes.

To my Leaky Castle Peeps, which sounds like something very strange but is actually something wonderful beyond words, you guys gave me the confidence to start over, to chase my dream, and the unconditional love, support and FUN to keep my spirits up along the way. Thank you all for being there every single day. I love you guys way more than you know, and I miss you even more than that. But that Castle better still be standing when I get back. Eh-hemm.

An extra thank you to Emelia H. and Debi K. You know why.

To Emma Petersen, website designer extraordinaire. Same thing. With an extra dose of “thanks for putting up with me!” You’re amazing. To Mary B. for taking extra time and interest, and for pushing me to be the best that I can be. To Lisa T., my Mac Wizard. You’re awesome! To Julia H. for superior technical assistance above and beyond. Your generosity of spirit is a beautiful thing to behold.

To Theresa, Lavada, Dawn, Wanda, Laurie, Laura (get that website going, woman!), Margaret, Anthea, Nicole, Debby and all the ladies of OlyRWA. You inspire and amaze me. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you.

To all the fabulous groups of RWA that I’m lucky enough to be a member of, you guys rock. What amazing women and men you all are. I’m blessed to know you and be a part of such an accomplished, active, enthusiastic, lively, friendly, supportive mix of creative persons. (How’s that for lots of adjectives? In this case, absolutely necessary.) Thank you for everything.

I’m an extremely lucky woman. My life has been touched by hordes of truly wonderful people. If, due to my own shortcomings, I have inadvertently left someone off this page, know that your name is written on my heart. Thank you all for enriching my life and making the journey such fun.

Love & Gratitude,