Excerpts have been removed following the advice of friends and colleagues who’ve had the unfortunate experience of being plagiarized after generously sharing their work online. I’m terribly sorry that they’ve had such an horrendous experience, and while I’d like to think that would never happen, I do live in the real world. I only write fantasy. However, as soon as I’m able (read: after my two solid weeks of back-to-back conferences), I will post story blurbs and possibly a free-read story just for the website in place of the excerpts from those stories I hope to publish. To every honest person out there, and I do believe you are the majority, who would never stoop so low as to steal another person’s work, I apologize for the necessity of this action, and hope that you will enjoy the replacements. Please do check back to see what’s new, and have fun exploring the site. Don’t forget to check out the Journal page to visit my blog. All the best, Chassily